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Invest in Seeds of Confidence

Support the sowing of impact with one of the most innovative projects of sustainable urban agriculture and responsible consumerism.

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Our aim is to reduce the socioeconomic vulnerability of communities, promoting the consumption of responsible and healthy food, and recovering public and private spaces for agricultural production in the city.


Our innovative model offers solutions to solve social and environmental challenges by combining experience, training, and marketing. An investment in Seeds of Confidence means access to better products and better cities for all of us.

What have we achieved?



individuals and their families that are part of our agro ecological producers network.



Consumers of our agroecological baskets since 2014 to date.



people have participated in urban agriculture trainings (kids, organizations, and communities) to date.



edible gardens built and maintained in slums.

What do we expect to achieve?


Reach more than 520 individuals in schools, institutions and residential areas through urban agriculture per year.


Harvest 500 kilograms of food from costumer’s installed gardens in a year.


Expand the producer’s network and baskets sales to Medellin, Colombia in 2016.


Reach sales of 200 baskets per month at the beginning of 2016, 250 in June, 300 in December of the same year, and 400 by year end of 2017.


Juan Forero

Financier from the Universidad Externado, Colombia. Master in Economy of Development and Projects’ Analysis from Universidad Clermont-Ferrand, France. Previously, regional manager of a micro-finance institution in Mexico, micro-finance consultant in Latin America and Africa, Project coordinator for Planet Finance and regional consultant for other organizations.

Luis Salamanca

Graduate from the Politic Studies Institution (IEP) of Aix in Provence, France. His thesis was carried on reintegration of people who deserted from war in Colombia. Master in Economy of Development and Projects’ Analysis from Universidad Clermont-Ferrand, France. Nowadays, he is working as person in charge of projects of the structured financing division at the French Agency of Development (AFD).

Organizations supporting our project


We are proud for being a project with a real impact and social innovation recognition.

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